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Container Poule

Stable and high revenue since 2010.

Container Poule is in charge of purchase for Chesterfield BV and manages the full administration and logistics process. Container Poule BV has no profit motive. Through Container Poule, they have developed the innovative financing model “Container Poule” to finance the purchase for Chesterfield.com, B2Bchesterfield.com and House of Chesterfield.com

Capital providers can invest in Container Poule BV via Chesterfield Investment. A Containerpouler can invest in Container Poule BV. In Container Poule Maatwerk, the investor can determine his own investment and term with the related interest rate of up to 10%. There is also the 'Poule Customised', for which the investor can determine their own deposit and duration, and the matching interest rate up to 9 %.

Container Poule BV was founded in 2010. The company has many pre-sold orders. These are orders - mostly from private individuals - that fill various containers. These orders are pre-sold with a down payment and provided with various warranties. This means that purchase is guaranteed. When a container comes in, Container Poule BV makes sure to supply to our customers right away after payment has been made.

Container Poule BV owns the Chesterfield furniture stock, so they can use this as a guarantee.

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