Container Poule | up to 10% interest


You can Container Poule from € 25.000,-

Container Poule interest calculator.

Our interest calculator gives you insight into the expected interest income per month and the total interest income over the entire period.
The calculation is based on a minimum interest payment and a limited term* in years.

*In this calculation calculator, the minimum interest is calculated. The interest is therefore more positive when applying for your personal interest proposal (Step 4). Any term in years (1–10) is also possible.

Step 4:
You will receive your personal interest proposal by e-mail.

What is Container Poule?

Containerpoulen is investing in a quality product, with the security of your personal pledge on containers with sold products.

Depending on the amount of your deposit, you will receive the contents and associated customer orders for one or more containers as collateral. These orders are the fixed security and deposit for your investment. An example:

  • With an investment of € 25,000, the depositor, called Containerpouler *, receives one container with contents and associated customer orders as collateral.
  • Due to the down payment when placing the order, this is guaranteed of purchase.
  • The sales value of a container is at least €50,000.

* Containerpouler
A Containerpouler is a person or legal form in possession of signed agreements and the associated deeds of pledge. During the entire term of the deposit, the Containerpouler is the pledgee for the total amount of the deposit.

Chesterfield Investment offers investors fixed and customised products for high revenue, including guarantees.

The interest rate depends on the amount of your investment and the time period.

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