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Information about Container Poule

The guarantees of Container Poule are in the finalised Chesterfield orders with down payment. It works as follows:

  • Customers from all over the world buy their Chesterfield furniture through the many sales channels of Chesterfield BV.
  • Every customer order has a down payment. On average, this down payment is 25% of the total amount. The down payment guarantees that the customer will buy the product.
  • Chesterfield BV turns the order into a purchase order and forwards it to their purchasing organisation Container Poule BV.
  • Container Poule BV will then forward the production-order to one of their Chesterfield factories.
  • Once production is complete, the order will be transported to the central distribution centre of Container Poule BV in the Netherlands. The Chesterfield furniture is transported in a 20’ (foot) Container*. Our containers are always on the move. The company name is based on this: Container Poule BV.
  • Once the final payment is completed, a delivery agreement is made with the customer from the distribution centre.
* Container
A container is a large metal transportation unit with standardised dimensions (10, 20, 30 or 40 foot). Containers are used to transport loose goods, like our Chesterfield furniture.
Beeldlogo van Uniek Beleggen
Your Guarantee: 100%

The contents of the container with Chesterfield customer orders with down payment will be your property, due to pledging. The sales value of these orders is at least twice the purchase value. So your investment is always 100% guaranteed.

If the orders in a container have been delivered to the customer and the time period of your investment has not expired yet, your investment will be pledged to a new container with the included customer orders for the remaining time.

What happens when I make an investment with Container Poule?

Depending on the amount of your investment, the contents of one or more containers and the matching customer orders will be pledged to you. These orders are the fixed guarantee and deposit for your investment. An example:
  • If the investor, referred to as Container Pouler *, makes a deposit of € 25,000, they will get one container with contents and corresponding customer orders as a pledge.
  • Due to the down payment, the purchase of the order is guaranteed.
  • The average sales value of the container is at least twice the purchase value.
* Container Pouler

A Container Pouler is a person or legal entity in possession of the signed agreement and the corresponding pledging certificates. The contents of the container with Chesterfield furniture will be the property of the Container Pouler for the full duration of the investment.

In summary

Your Risk with Container Poule

With our unique Container Poule guarantee method, there are no risks for your investment that could cause you to lose your deposit. Container Poule has been offering a successful, safe and reliable way of investment for over 10 years.

Your Guarantee with Container Poule

  • 100% guarantee on the sales value on the orders with down payment.
  • Investments come with risk, but with the Container Poule BV system, we reduce the risks to the absolute minimum.
  • The interest rate is paid out on a monthly basis.
  • One month before the end of your duration, we will ask you if you would like your investment refunded or if you would like to extend your investment period with the same guarantee method.

Explanation of Container Poule

Table of contents

  • The selling party
  • Organisation
  • Lien
  • Activities of the selling party Chesterfield BV
  • Origination
  • The Brand
  • Exclusive Chesterfield sales channel
  • Differences with other Chesterfield suppliers
  • The market
  • Sales strategy
  • Legal evaluation
  • Concluding words

1. The selling party

Container Poule is a registered trade name of Container Poule BV, a limited liability company located in Waddinxveen.

Container Poule BV
Kanaaldijk 32
2741 PA Waddinxveen

Chamber of Commerce 0118315

Lämmert de Jonge
Tel: +3185 - 27 30 141

2. Organisation

Container Poule BV is in charge of purchase for Chesterfield BV and takes care of the full administrative and logistical process. This company has no profit motive.

Container Poule BV was founded in 2010. The company has many pre-sold orders (at a value of around 2 million euros) from Chesterfield BV. These are orders - mostly from private individuals - that fill many containers. A down payment has been made for these pre-sold orders, and they have a CBW, Thuiswinkel, or another international guarantee. Generally speaking, this guarantees their purchase.

When a container comes in, Container Poule BV takes care of the delivery to the customer as soon as payment is received.

Container Poule BV is the owner of the Chesterfield furniture stock, so they can use this stock as a deposit.

3. Lien

Container Poule BV offers a lien on all their shareholder loans.
This lien equals 100% of the purchase value. For the whole duration, the value of the pledged stock will not be subject to decrease.

4. Activities of the selling party Chesterfield BV

Through their many (international) websites of, and House of, Chesterfield BV sells the original Chesterfield furniture of the brand ‘The Chesterfield Brand’ (couches, armchairs, chairs, office chairs, beds, sofa beds, tables, mirrors etc.) in every colour, size and variety, to private individuals and companies all over the world. (private market) ( is a specialist with regard to furniture in the original Chesterfield style. They sell their products via their website with 68 different domain extensions (countries). This is supported by 40 Chesterfield showrooms in 13 countries (outside of Europe as well). Here, potential buyers can see, try out an get further advice on various furniture.

At, the Chesterfield furniture is available in all sizes, colours an varieties. offers worldwide shipping for the most beautiful, handcrafted quality furniture made of 100% cow's leather, with the best price-quality ratio. (zakelijke markt) was especially developed for the Chesterfield sales on the corporate market. This is where furniture sellers, interior stylists, architects and everyone with a valid VAT number can purchase their Chesterfield furniture for attractive prices. (also abbreviated to B2B) is the only corporate purchase platform for Chesterfield. Purchase is only possible with a valid assigned login code. The basics of the website are identical to The purchase prices on the site are excluding VAT and shipment costs.

All requests via the website of B2B are automatically forwarded to their Back Office for processing. At the moment, B2B works in 10 countries. Eventually, this amount will be expanded to the same level as, so about 110 countries. B2B customers can also come to the store/showroom locations of to see the furniture or get advice. (online sales standard Chesterfield)

Mid-April 2016, a new website named ‘House of Chesterfield’ with 10 domain extensions was launched in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany: .

This site is exclusively furnished for the direct sale of the standard best selling Chesterfield furniture. With this site, it is relatively easy for us to realise a roll-out to various countries.

From May to the end of July 2021, 3 new countries were added to their reach every week, up to about 46 countries. All products on their website can also be viewed at the showrooms all over the world.

5. Origination

The foundation of the company Chesterfield BV is ‘The Original Chesterfield Factory Limited’, located in Chesterfield (UK). To start with, we used an already existing Chesterfield production line in England. We sold the furniture via the internet and our sales network of Chesterfield showrooms. In those days, the factories producing Chesterfield in England nearly exclusively made standard products. Deviating from the standard concept was practically impossible, or only possible to a very limited extent, and for an increased price that was disproportionate to the actual production costs. We thought that was unacceptable. And so we started looking for new ways, starting with our own brand name and the start of the online sale via Chesterfieldshowroom, supported by 5 showroom/store locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

6. The brand ‘The Chesterfield Brand’

We established the only Chesterfield brand name including the word Chesterfield: ‘The Chesterfield Brand’. Under this brand name, we started working together with various factories and tanneries. They produced, we managed and controlled. It turned out to be a golden formula. The furniture produced under this brand met the highest requirements with regard to quality, the environment and expertise of the upholsterers. By now, we have grown from 1 to 6 production factories in various countries. We want to expand this number even further over the next few years. For logistical reasons, we established our main office and distribution centre in the Netherlands. From here, we can communicate well with our customers in Europe and the rest of the world.

7. Exclusive Chesterfield sales channel

Together with its subsidiaries, and, Chesterfield BV is the exclusive sales channel of ‘The Chesterfield Brand’, for private individuals as well as companies. After getting started in 2007 as Chesterfieldshowroom with 5 showroom/store locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, under our new name we have grown to be an online seller in 68 countries with over 40 showroom/store locations all over the world.

8. Differences with other Chesterfield sellers

1. Patent on the checkerboard pattern. The most famous Chesterfield is the iconic couch with nails hammered in casually at the front and the characteristic checkerboard upholstery pattern with retracted buttons at the back and arms of the couch. We have secured the pattern of this characteristic checkerboard pattern years ago, so it is now our property.

2. Straight from the factory to the customers. is the only Chesterfield supplier to supply directly from the factory to the customers. This comes with a big price advantage for our customers.

3. Unlimited options for customisation. Because of our careful selection of specialised production partners, we have unparalleled production options. The Chesterfield furniture from our brand ‘The Chesterfield Brand’ can be fully customised according to the individual and very specific wishes of our customers. For example, deviating dimensions, the type of cushions, with or without inner springs in the cushions, use of complete skins or patchwork, another type of leather, a deviating colour, the frame made of birch or hard wood, customised nails, buttons with company logo etc.

4. Certified production. We work together with Chesterfield producers in various countries. These producers are tested properly before we accept them as production partners. This means that they produce under the brand name ‘The Chesterfield Brand’, with all associated strict production conditions. The furniture they produce gets the Original Chesterfield Certificate. By working this way, it no longer matters in what country the furniture was produced.

5. Specialised production partners. Our production partners each provide added value through their specific production characteristics. They are specifically selected for these characteristics. The English factories produce for our customers who want real Chesterfield, meaning: 100% English with regard to materials, labour and place of production. Products with Harris Tweed fabric are specifically English, for example. The other European factories are furnished for orders that require quick delivery. The factory in Asia is ideal for orders with special customisation, for which upholsterers receive special education and training. So for example, our most famous Chesterfield model the Brighton can be produced in England, in Europe or in Asia, depending on the specific requirements and the budget of our customers. From standard to ultra-luxurious, everything is possible.

6. Clear prices. Our on website, the prices are available next to the product, transparent and clear, including the price of customisations, so that our customers can make proper comparisons and make a well-informed choice. The price of deviating, specific customisation can be requested without obligation via an email to

7. Exclusive Chesterfield sales channel Together with its subsidiaries, and, Chesterfield BV is the exclusive sales channel of ‘The Chesterfield Brand’, for private individuals as well as companies. After getting started in 2007 as Chesterfieldshowroom with 5 showroom/store locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, under our new name we have grown to be an online seller in 68 countries with over 40 showroom/store locations all over the world.

8. Dynamic.‘The Chesterfield Brand’ is a modern and dynamic Chesterfield brand, that aside from offering the traditional, authentic Chesterfield models also dares to experiment within the Chesterfield style. With our ‘Design your Chesterfield’ programme, we offer our customers the option to design their own Chesterfield. Nothing is impossible.

9. Certificate of Authenticity. When buying a Chesterfield, always make sure it comes with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee conditions. Because this is how you can tell when things are off. Other Chesterfield suppliers/resellers purchase their Chesterfields somewhere and then sell them under their own brand, with guarantee conditions and a certificate. But beware: as a reselling party they can never guarantee the quality and the manufacturer's warranty. And can. For all furniture with the ‘The Chesterfield Brand’ label, we can account for the full production process, from start to finish. We know exactly by whom, where and with what materials our Chesterfield furniture was made. We offer 100% manufacturer's warranty. This is recorded in our original Certificate of Authenticity, to distinguish ourselves from other Chesterfield certificates.

The certificate of authenticity can be identified through the following features:

  • The original Certificate is printed on authenticated paper
  • The original Certificate has a wax seal
  • The original Certificate is signed at the factory by the proprietor of the trademark
  • The original Certificate has a unique production/order number
  • The original Certificate number can be traced back to the relevant craftsperson
  • The original Certificate is inextricable from the guarantee conditions
  • The original Certificate comes with the right to transferable guarantee upon sale

10. Unique transferable guarantee conditions. Aside from the Certificate of Authenticity, we offer a comprehensive, worldwide guarantee. It can be classified as the best possible guarantee, and unique in the world of Chesterfield. Because it is also transferable. This means that, in case of transfer or sale within the set guarantee-term, the guarantee will continue. The guarantee will apply to the whole collection. Our conditions are transparent, and you can read them on the website

11. Guarantee assurances. With their honest and well-founded production and guarantee formula, is the very first Chesterfield supplier that was already complying with the requirements of various guarantee assurances like Thuiswinkel, CBW, Navem,Trust Ecommerce Europe, Trusted shops and other big European organisations at the end of the previous century.

12. Biggest collection. Only has the biggest Chesterfield collection, thanks to their unique collaborating Chesterfield production partners.

Since we sell directly from our production locations, Chesterfield BV can determine the sales price and control the full production chain. This way, the furniture can be offered with the best guarantee conditions and the corresponding lowest price guarantee.

9. The market keeps an eye on trends and developments in the European furniture market and responds to these trends:

  • Increasing demand for customised comfort and design (natural materials, personalisation, etc.)
    Because of the unlimited customisation options at, and House of Chesterfield with regard to size, materials and models, we can quickly and efficiently respond to the increasing demand for customisation from both private individuals and corporate clients like interior designers and architects.

  • Increased outsourcing of production to multiple factories.
    As a result we will get more collections in our full range, and we will be able to offer specialised customisation with excellent quality and a high profit margin.

  • A strengthened position through better fine-tuning of design, production, sale and marketing (chain optimisation, product and process innovation)., and House of Chesterfield control the full chain of sales order, production and delivery. This is the best foundation for the most ideal sales optimisation.

  • Professional design and product development contribute to a business that performs better. Aside from the option to deploy in-house designers and developers, private customers as well as the corporate market can also use the configurator we developed. The configurator is available on our website

  • Applying new materials and technology.
    Since we have our own production facilities, it is easy for us to not only use the traditional and timeless types of leather, but also capitalise on the current trends with regard to materials, such as: Harris Tweed, soft leather, velvet and other trendy furniture fabrics.

10. Sales strategy

Our goal is to sell as much Chesterfield furniture as possible, by using the internet and Chesterfield showroom/store locations with the Chesterfield names, and, as well as the brand name ‘The Chesterfield Brand’.

An investment was made in the unique and defining authority name, to replace the less impactful. Now there is only one name in the Chesterfield world that has the lead, and that is This way, we continue to invest in Chesterfield as a strong brand.

By now Chesterfield BV, consisting of, and House of, has over 100 international websites, and 40 Chesterfield showrooms to visit all over the world. We have a ‘native speaker’ at our main office for nearly every country (11), familiar with the language and customs of the country in question. They manage the internet sites and store/showroom locations, and are ready to talk to our customers in their own language.

This way, we have all the tools we need to combine the online Chesterfield furniture market with the Showroom/store visits. And we capitalise optimally on the increased demand for customised furniture, so we can realise a higher profit margin. Our production facilities have the possibility to create every product in every size and colour under their own management. The Chesterfield products from The Chesterfield Brand get an original Certificate of Authenticity, as well as the best and most unique transferable guarantee system on the furniture market. The logistical part is fully covered by our own transport system and collaborations with many international logistical partners.

With the above concept, Chesterfield BV has a product range (Chesterfield furniture) and a brand (‘The Chesterfield Brand’) that is perfect for every market.

Since 2017, the sale has been expanded via online Market Places. The following Market Places are used: Ebay, Amazon (in Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain and America), VidaXL (in Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany), (in the Netherlands and Belgium) and Groupon.

11. Legal evaluation

The development of Container Poule resulted in special investment constructions, for which we complied with the general rules of the AFM. This organisation strives for honest and transparent financial markets. As an independent supervisory authority, they contribute to sustainable financial well-being in the Netherlands. For the legal evaluation, we have requested the help of experts from various disciplines. These experts are from a national accountancy firm, and a specialised law firm. Thanks to the knowledge of these specialists, there was continuous management and evaluation during the process of development, resulting in our exceptional and unique investment product with high revenue and guarantees. Container Poule has been a certified reliable partner for over 10 years.

12. Concluding words

With this Explanation of Container Poule, we have shown you how Chesterfield is conquering the world. Over 15 years ago, we started from the Netherlands. Step by step, we kept going: internet sales, expanding websites, expanding production locations, establishing many Chesterfield names (100+), URLs (200+), logo's, portrait rights, etc. Our LTD (The Original Chesterfield Factory) is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the town of Chesterfield (UK). Through the actions described above, we have continued to develop the English Chesterfield brand. But with our LTD registration in Chesterfield (UK), Chesterfield will always be a ‘Part of Britain’.

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